About Us

After more than 10 years of practicing various styles of yoga, Lienette found the Bikram series as she was seeking a deeper practice in an effort to avoid injury while training for her first marathon. Falling in love with the series immediately, she knew that she wanted to share the yoga from her first class in Seattle, WA. Lienette went on to run the Dublin Marathon pain and injury free.

A year later (2001) she went to train with Bikram Choundry and became certified to teach this powerful series. For 3 years Lienette answered the call of many studios opening/managing/teaching through the US and Canada. As she continued with sport - marathons, triathlons, mountain climbing, skiing, etc. yoga has remained a constant.

"Yoga is my sanity - it grounds me, keeps me humble, challenges me, rewards me and it gives me clarity. It allows everything that doesn't serve me in the moment to fall away so that I can hear my truth. Sharing the mind body connection with others is an incredible gift that keeps me in gratitude daily."