Hot HiiT

Hot HiiT is a training system that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates principles.

This class combines muscle toning and cardiovasular movement with bridges, ab work, planks, squats, etc.

The full body practice cre­ates long lean mus­cles while burning fat.

Expect rapid results. Seriously. 

While practing our Hot HiiT series, you'll improve your posture and cre­ate a stronger powerhouse, improve overall range of movement and cir­cu­la­tion, build muscle tone and improve your yoga practice.

This All Levels class is low impact, making it accessible for those with joint pain or repetitive stress injuries. 



All Levels Class

Room is heated to 95°

Regularly scheduled Hot HiiT classes are 60-minutes

Express classes are 45-minutes

Upbeat Music during class

When we strengthen the muscles of the Powerhouse, our posture becomes supported, our shoulders relax and our chest opens, allowing it to expand and contract easily with the breath.