Beautiful Studios

To whom it may concern,

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga on and off since 1982, in fact, Bikram was my first Yoga Instructor when I attended classes he taught in Los Angeles.

Hamptons Hot Yoga is one of the most beautiful studios in the world, the classes are taught by the best Instructors, and Bikram Yoga really works ! Two years ago I suffered a serious shoulder injury and thought I would never play tennis again without surgery, I tried everything, nothing helped. Desperate, I decided to try 1 month at Hamptons Hot Yoga, after just a few classes I made significant improvement and today my shoulder is as good as ever !

We are very fortunate to have Lienette Crafoord and her dedicated staff teaching Bikram Yoga here in the Hamptons.

I highly recommend Hamptons Hot Yoga to anyone looking to improve their overall health, fitness, and well being.

Bill - Hampton Bays

Thank you for all your patience

Thank you for all your patience and inspiration, this form of yoga has changed my life and continues to be a daily source of calm in my busy schedule, not to mention I have never felt better physically.

Mark - Shelter Island

My sanctuary

I love to visit this sanctuary in the Hamptons. I try to leave the city early to get to a class in this gorgeous, clean, peaceful studio in the middle of Bridgehampton, that always manages to challenge me and calm me with their great approach to yoga & life.

Carla, NYC

Cleanest Hot Yoga studios ever!

You have to check these studios out! I've never seen studios so well kept AND with great instructors! the studio in Montauk has water views on both sides! and the Bridge studio opens to a garden where they serve watermelon after classes! Hot Yoga Heaven! How will I return to my city studio?

Billy B, New York

I was new to yoga when I came to Hotauk in Montauk a few months ago. The teachers are so helpful and everyone made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Really pretty space, seeing the ocean on one side and the pond on the other. I'm excited they will be open through the winter this year!

Kerri, East Hampton

Feeling Amazing!!

We are so lucky to have Hot Yoga out East. The physical benefits alone are incredible, I've never felt better. Just just the thought of knowing I will be getting in to hot studio at the end of a long day keeps me at peace through our long winters. My mind is clear and sharp. I feel like it is a mind, body & spirit therapy. Thank you Lynette!

Barbara, Sag Harbor

A "Hot" place to work-in, detox and sweat it all out. Great energy. Its The Hamptons. What else would you expect?


The best! I love it! Feels so great afterwards!


I'm new to the class and the instructors are wonderful as well as other class members. It's a great workout and makes me feel wonderful